What head/cabinet should i get for metal music? I only wants something from Peavey. I was thinking the XXX head or the 6505 head. and should i pair them with their own cabs or should i mix them with each other? i want it to be loud as hell (6505), but i also want the distortion from hell that id get with the XXX. so far im leaning toward the XXX head and cabinet.
the 6505 has more gain that the XXX so i dont understand your gain comment. Dude play both and pick what you like best. I dont understand why your asking us. I personally prefer the 5150 over all other peavey amps but the XXX is a very good amp you might want to get a Marshall 1960a or b cab i just think they are better than the peavey cabs. I have the peavey cab but am hopefully upgrading soon myself but the peavey will work fine. IM rambling now so im gonna shut up
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I just own a lot of peavey equiptment and theyre the best in my opinion. ive never had a problem with any of their stuff, and when i had a question about something a while back, there customer supprt was superb. i own enough peavey products to say that i love them and would never change from their products. other than guitars, i love my peavey rotor exp but ther are better guitars out there.