I don't know how many people listen to this band, I think they're kind of lost in the shadow of Slint.. though they are one band (with former members) that continued to carry a similar style to what Slint did on Spiderland.

Anyways, I heard the song "Grace Beneath the Pines" from their first ep last night. I don't know what mood I was in, but I thought it was an amazing song. I found it really moving the way Mcmahon sings etc. etc. etc.

Anyways (again) I searched frivolously over the internet for lyrics to this song, but came up nil. I was wondering if anyone on here knew where to find some, or had them in their possession? I'd be very grateful.

Music for those who want to listen:


'Grace Beneath the Pines' is on there and is downloadable


^that's 'Emp. Man's Blues' from their s/t