Ok hi all, i was wondering if someone could help me with a bit of theory i understand a bit, i just need to know about keys and things like that? and how do i know what key a note is it, i understand chords but note notes keys.
Well, any given note can be part of different keys. For example: The note C is in these keys (these aren't all the kerys that C is in, just a few): C major, A minor, G major, and E minor.

Do you know about major scales, such as formation and relative minors, etc.?
^Try starting out by learning the chromatic scale. Give Google a spin to see what it comes up with - learn that, and then you'll be on your way to major scale construction, chord construction and so forth.
Music Theory. The Beginning.

I suggest you read that. Very good lesson in my opinion.


Remember to take your time with music theory and make sure you understand something before you move on.

It's like math, as you progress, it's built on what you previously learned.
i agree with kirby, a lot of my problems derived from me moving on to something else without understanding the basic part of it first. just look up all the music theory tutorials you can possibly find and read them. honestly, this is the best way to learn, because some concepts need to be explained several different ways before it all comes together and clicks. just google search "music theory for guitar" and start learning!