I have money for Pod 2.0 or Beheringer V-amp2 PRO - what's better for home-recording purposes? How does POD and V-amp recording look like? Connecting via USB (I've heard that only more expensive POD XT has USB...) or via musiccard (what port?) And how about custom patches, downloading new effects etc. - which one is better? Or maybe more expensive XT (or maybe XT live?) is worth saving money, maybe "standard" V-amp2 is better then PRO? Advice me, please!
The POD is going to be better quality, but the V-amp is going to give you more for your money. The PODxt is a good bit better than the 2.0 IMO. You can download patches and if you get the live, it is all built into one big pedal. I would get the PODxt live. You will be able to use it for live and practice as well as recording a lot easier than the others.