would fitting nylon strings onto an electric guitar , with piezo pickups produce a decent sound?
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Uh... well, I never tried that. But I think it'll sound like **** because the amp is designed for electric strings.
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You can't. Electric strings are made of magnetic material and your pick ups are magnets that pick up the signal from your vibrating strings. Nylon is NOT magnetic!

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^ dont peizo pickups pickup the natural sound?
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Stagg's are the kind of brand that you see selling on eBay from a 0 feedback Chinese man for 99p and no one buys them.
With a Peizo system it should sound pretty nice. With regular pickups it wont work.
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^ dont peizo pickups pickup the natural sound?

I would still think the sound would suck because there's nothing for the sound to reverberate in. LIke the body of an acoustic guitar. But, I don't know.
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Yeah. Piezos pickup vibrations, not magnetic fields. But it still won't sound too good, it's just not meant to be.

EDIT: Nylon strings on an electric guitar, this is.
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Why would you even try that? Just stick to the standards.
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Piezoelectric pickups dont work by picking up magnetic vibrations.

They work on a principle similar to quatz. If you pass a current through quartz crystal, it'll vibrate rapidly (hence how a watch works).

In piezoelectric pickups, if you vibrate the crystals, they create a current. This current is the same current used in magnetic pickups, which we call the signal.

Nylon strings would work with piezo-electric pickups. I dont know how well though.
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u would end up with a spiral shaped guitar though, surely, the neck is made to the tension of steel, thousands of times stronger than nylon... the neck would bow, or the strings would just snap, same reason u can't put em on a steel string acoustic
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