I have an ESP ec-1000 that has Sperzel locking tuners on it and I love them to death, not only because of the quality of staying in tune but also the fast and easy string changing process. I also have an ESP explorer and I have been wanting to put sperzel locking tuners on it. Is this an easy process? Will I be able to do this on my own or should I take it in to the shop and have someone do it? It looks like all you have to do is take the nut out and take them out, but I could be way wrong? Also will this effect the intonation of the guitar at all or will I be able to just switch them out and be done with it? Help is surely appreciated!
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yes, someone probably can help
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Yea, it really is just that simple. No need to pay someone else to do a job that would take you 10 minutes. The intonation shouldnt be effected, but in the slight chance that it does, that's also fixable yourself.

If the tuners dont fit the holes on the explorer, you may have to re-drill them. If you're not comfortable with that sort of stuff, then I recomend taking it to a shop.
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This is probably a stupid question, but they are sold in a set of six correct? I looked on musicians friend and they say Sperzel 6 In-line locking tuners? They also have a Sperzel 6 IN-Line LEFT locking tuners is that for left handed guitars? I play right handed so i wanted to make sure i get the right ones.
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