Hey guys ...
i would like to purchase a new guitar ... and i wouldnt wanna invest more than 350 -370 $ so i was thinking ... sould i go to the store and buy a new guitar like ...an Epi LP or a Squire ..or something ..and then change the pickups ( i would like a SD Sh-8 Invader in it ) ... or should i go for a luthier and make a custom one .. also with the Invader in it.
What would be the best choice ?

Save up and first buy a reall nice amp then save up again and geta custom guitar.
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The only thing you're gonna get from a luthier for $350 is a handjob.
Flirtini's all round!!
for your money go to Ibanez Rg370dx i have one and it sounds really good for its price.
Quote by black_blood
for your money go to Ibanez Rg370dx i have one and it sounds really good for its price.


$370 is just enough to get an RG321 and spoil it with an Invader. Awesome.
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thx guys ... i know a lutier might be expensive but not his one :P .. http://www.grosmann.ro/produse.php?CategorieID=All&Page=Toate&NrPagina=1 ... this is a luthier from my country ( Romania ) ... ppl said he makes pretty good guitars.
http://www.grosmann.ro/produs_detalii.php?CategorieID=1&ProdusID=140&Page=Chitare ----- this is one of his models .. its a PRS copy .. all the website is in romanian so u prolly wont understand much but i'll translate ..the futures of the PRS above :

body : swamp canadian maple
neck : swamp canadian maple
bridge : Wilkingson
pickups : EMG
the price is 1100 RON ( romanian money ) and that would be somewhere around -- 400 $

Pls browse through all of his guitars ( the 1st link i added ) and tell me what do u think ?

i would probably go for the luthier than. but seriously i wouldnt bother with a seymour duncan invader at all. so therefore what amp do you have? what music do you play?