Not sure if this should go here or not.

Has anybody used Guitar Fetish's Liscensed Floyd Rose tremolos? It's very tempting at around $60, but that's also why I'm wondering. Any reviews anyone wants to put up of their own would be great.
guitar fetish sells good crap so id say go for it, if it doesnt work out then you only burned like 60 bucks and you can burn way more on beer and strippers and you feel pretty good after that so id say go for it.
But at least with beer and strippers I know what I'm getting before I pay for it. I think I might make this my birthday present to myself. Maybe I can convince my girlfriend to get it for me for my birthday......
with strippers you NEVER know what you're getting.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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hey, ive got the guitar fetish LFR , ive only had it on for a few days tho, but its holding tune extremely well at the moment. ill see what its like in a few months tho :P
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