Okey... i broke my left wrist a week ago, so now i can't play guitar for like 4 weeks :'(

So time to do something i didn't think of before... learn the fretboard!

Do you guys have some advice on how to learn the fretboard?? How did you for example....??
I've been shredding for a while and actually just posted about this over in the Technique forum. Someone gave me this link: http://www.cyberfret.com/scales/guitar-codex/index.php
It seems like a good way to expand on previous knowledge of scales and modes and put actual notes to the patterns you may already know. Try it out.
I don't use it, but there's this free game that was posted on here a while ago, it was called fretboard warrior.

Edit: Actually I have played it before and it's pretty cool.
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learning the shapes of scales [so to speak] is more helpful than necessarily knowing the notes to a scale. i mean it would be better to know both but for now:

e |-------------------------------------4-5
B |------------------------------5-7-------
G |----------------------4-6-7------------
D |--------------4-6-7--------------------
A |------4-5-7----------------------------
E |5-7-------------------------------------
-A major

e |-----------------------------------------5
B |--------------------------------6-8--(10)
G |------------------------5-7-9-----------
D |----------------5-7-9-------------------
A |--------5-7-8---------------------------
E |5-7-8-----------------------------------
-A minor

e |-------------------------------------5-
B |------------------------------5-7-----
G |----------------------4--7------------
D |--------------4--7--------------------
A |------4---7---------------------------
E |5-7-----------------------------------
-A major pentatonic

e |-----------------------------------------5
B |--------------------------------5-8------
G |------------------------5-7-------------
D |----------------5-7---------------------
A |--------5---7---------------------------
E |5---8-----------------------------------
-A minor pentatonic

e |------------------------------------------5
B |---------------------------------5-8------
G |------------------------5-7-8------------
D |----------------5-7-----------------------
A |--------5-6-7----------------------------
E |5---8------------------------------------
-A minor blues scale

these are all the ones i actively practice. i think there are some more but im not well aquainted with them. also learn your modes, they are helpful. id appreciate it if someone checked this and made sure i didnt make any major mistakes. i hope this is somewhat helpful to you. hope your wrist heals up nice and quickly