Well, I'm going through a few relationship problems right now. I wrote this when we got into a huge argument, and I'd like some crit on it. Thanks. Most appreciated.

I've felt this way toward you before

Stop trying to delve into my mind

These secrets are my own

A lack of compassion for me in your eyes

I'm not going to act like your behavior doesn't bother me

Lying in wait

Biding my time

Until it's right to make my move

Stalking my prey

Jacked up on adrenaline, a bead of sweat runs down my face

Cold blood pumps through my veins

I'll sleep when you're dead

And when you've felt every ounce of pain I've ever been through

Now I've got you,

Tied down with chains so tight you can barely breathe

Cutting you to the bone, right through your tiny, little wrists

I've been waiting for something worth the chase

I was wrong about you

But I'm gonna kill you anyway

I'm tired of being the one who suffers

You will be the one who gets victimized this time

I'll force feed you trauma

I'll cut your face with broken glass

I'll rip out your heart just like you did with mine

I'm bleeding you away

And breathing death into your broken body

Run your ****ing mouth

I don't care what you say

We could have ended a different way

But I don't care about what you want anymore

This is what I want

I want you to rot with the worms

I want you to suffocate in the ground
The only ones who see the end of war, are those who die from it
the title kinda reminds me of suffocate by cold. so do the lyrics. minus the wanting ur partner to die. hmm, yes it's evoking the anger like u wanted and getting to the root of it. so it's good
its cool....but if your GF will read that, haha, i think she will have some nightmares....lol
See ma poem called IAM COLD, wanna know what you think, peace