I cant remember if i've posted this before, but iv edited it since then anyways so, crits?

Tonights Lovely Nightmare

Pressed against your lips, I'm up against the wall,
And we're both standing in a now ficticious hall.
I place my hands around your hips,
Feelings reach tremendous heights,
This is a moment i've long invisioned,
I think we both just might
Be in for a wonderful time tonight.

Im sliding down the wall, lower, lower,
Sinking farther our wieght sounds against the floor
I'll wrap my arms around your neck, breathing out to perfect rhyme,
How does it feel to be on the receiving end this time?

Im tying up my mind tonight
With thoughts of you close in sight.
I think one bite will satisfy this lust.
Wrapping your throat in precious revenge,
The back of your neck has never tasted so nice.

My arms unfold, I touch your throat,
Both hands close, like a tightening rope.
Now you see, this is no ordinary love scene,
I know you thought you'd get what you want
Well guess again, you were wrong,
Once again you've urged my thougts of you along,
And this time its got you right where I want you.


To know your wrong must be tough,
But how much worse to think you're right?