First of all hi every one ^^, and 2nd im not really asking for help, the only thing i want you to do is to share the way your band writes songs ^^

In my band, it all starts in my room, i sit, and work on some riffs, and bass riffs to because our bass player dosent know any theory. I also come up with some drum beats, but they allways get changed so they can fit better into the song, wich is ok since im not the drummer, and i dont whant to end up like Daron from Soad ^^.

Thats how most of our songs get written, but the riff i started with gets changed as time passes, and we add alot of stuff, as time passes. The lyrick gets added in the end, and they are mostly written by the singer, but the drummer and I also write some of them.

How does it work in your band? Who writes what, in wich order ect.

I know this thread probably should be posted some where else, but im a guitar player, and most songs start with the guitar and then the other instrumenst try to fit in, so i think the guitar forum is an okay place for this thread.

- Admir
My band has not really started writing songs properly yet, but we have agreed that we will write lyrics (mainly written by bassist and singer once we get a proper one), then I will try and come up with a riff to go along with it, then tell the bassist what he should. Then ask the drummer to try and make up a drum beat to go along, and work with everyone making it all fit.

Is this actually a good way?
We don't write them together really, cos we just end up getting in arguaments and getting bored so we write them individually
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normally i go ahead and write a song all out on guitar, or i get lots of pieces and put them together at practice, the drummer adds his drums, the bassist does his own thing when we jam on it and the singer writes most of the lyrics, though when i make a whole song alot of the time i give him lyrics to work with too
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every1 thinks of stuff in my band, i usually think of a riff 1st and then write lyrics but its the other way around sometimes, and every1 adds there input tweeking the music and lyrics
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Hmm im not shure, imo the bass, or guitar player should be the most creative, make a good riff, because it is easy for the drummer to make some beat, and it would be easy for the lead singer to write lyrics, and find out how to sing them properly when he has the music is written first.
i play some riffs with my drummer and other guitarist, and once we get something down our bassist/singer figures out the bass and tries to put some lyrics hes written to the song.

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usually in my main band, it starts out with either lyrics i wrote or a riff will pop into my mind. And then the drummer will play a basic beat depending on the time and mod it from there. and then ill throw outta couple lines or riffs for my bassist cuz he aint to good at his theory or playing. then from there all my guitar and ideas just come from improv while we practice the first riff and then ill think of other parts to add on from it. Then if theres no lyrics i would write them noww. thats how it usually turns out

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no, we just sit around with our instruments and add onto others Ideas, riffs, melodies, and rythms, the whole time we write it all down, and badda boom, 45 minutes later we have a song. Then we'll all go home and work on lyrics...

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our keyboard player is into poetry and stuff like that, he's really tallented. i write some too (im the guitarist). basically if anyone comes up with something good we try to incorporate in some way. the whole point of a band is to get everyones influences and styles combined
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Hmm its actually easy to write some songs when you all are together, but, it takes like 20 min to write a song, and when we are done and i go home i just think "damn that song sucks" because we havent really thaught it threw u know?
Its just some simple drum beat and some power chords :P, imo boring, i prefeere to use several hours making a really good song than 20 min and making something greenday probably would put on their next record.
i play a riff..the drummer will find a beat..the lead...will work on some leads..and the singer is last....
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well, the method we use most now is the second guitarist and I sit down in the "thinking room" and write the entire two guitar parts. then we show them to the drummer and work them out to get the drum part down. and then the singer and i write the lyrics together. we dont really have a bass player right now but when we get one we'll probably write the bass part when we do the guitars.
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Well, we are normally just jamming, and then we'll hear something we like just by accident and we will decide to use it, so me and the main guitarist (I mostly sing) will come up with some other parts and the bassist does his thing and we decide what to keep and what to save for something else or trash, and then our drummer who I think is the most skilled musician in the band just comes up with perfect parts very quickly.

Once we have the music all done, I get them to play the parts over and over and I write all the lyrics. Then occasionally we will add some key board over some parts, but not most of the time.