I am looking for an alright distortion pedal, I have no clue wat so ever as what I sould be looking at, my price range is anything under 200$ canadian
BOSS DS-2 Turbo Distortion!!!!!
just buy it.
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Line 6 Tonecore Uber Metal pedal is awsome.
or the electro harmonics metal muff.
^ The boss mt-2 is the opposite of versatile, the uber metal same. The Metal muff is ass compared to the other muffs (its also spelt electro harmonix)

I surgest you spend your money on a new amp like I said in your other thread.
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A DS-1 or DS-2 might suit you.

But really, I agree with StuC. Save your money and get a better amp (like something tube) with better built-in distortion. That's really the best way, in my opinion.
Boss make quality overdrive and distortion pedals that won't cost $200. Try a BD-2, DS-1, OS-2, SD-1, OD-3. Always try them before handing out money. Ibanez Tubescreamers are usually held in high regard, though I've never tried one, I'd suggest you do. If it's good enough for Stevie Ray Vaughan, it's good enough for you. Tech 21 is a more expensive company, but a quality one. Once I have the money I'm buying an "American Woman" overdrive.
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