I am mainly a guitar player but I am goign to be order a bass online tonight. I am just wondering what is the difference between J and P style pickups? Which one is compareable to a humbucker and which one is a single coil? I will be playing pretty much anything since I don't know how to play much.
you cant really compare them in that sense, as neither are humbuckers or single coils. i find that p pickups can be muddy and jazz pickups have a tendency to be a little quiet (compared to p pickups) but they sound much clearer n snappy so i prefer them, you can get some basses that have both p n j pickups on and that gives you a good versatility. you can actually get basses with humbucker bass pickups on, such as the gibson EB series basses.
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They are not comparable to Humbuckers as they are not humbuckers. But, jazz IMO tend to have more versatility that P-pups. Although there are many basses that come with humbuckers, if that is what you are looking for. Or get a bass with both J and P pups. They are good too.

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the P has a single, split-coil p-up. the jazz has two single coil p-ups'. neither are humbuckers(hum cancelling). the P tends to have more bottom end (boom), but the jazz configuration can get real close to that boom, and still be "dialed in" to a bright, sparkley tone. i prefer the jazz configuration over the P, or the P/J config.
if you want humbuckers, nobody does it better than G&L for bass. Musicman is a close second.
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