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Epiphone Gothic Les Paul
4 80%
0 0%
Epiphone SG Cherry
0 0%
Epiphone SG Ivory
1 20%
Voters: 5.
Hey, I have had my Aria STG for about a year now and im looking for an upgrade, my previous guitar was £120, now i am looking for a guitar between £220 - £300, im into most rock music, wich of the following guitars are the best quality for thier price. Please select the guitar wich is best quality for money and not wich one looks best. Thanks





The guitars are listed in order
i suggest a normal epi les paul really, unless your interested in getting a floyd rose like they have on some of the gothic ones (my gothic V has a floyd).
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Epiphone SG Ivory is Probably the best value for your money I'd say.

The Yamaha is WAY overpriced in my opinion.

SG's in Cherry are way to common and a actually despise SG's.

Other than after the Ivory SG I'd say LP Gothic.
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