'sup everybody,
I've been playing now (accoustic)guitar for about 1 year . Going pretty well .
But i wanna have an electric guitar to play along with my favourite songs.
i was thinking about a Fender standard stratocaster...
Anybody any other suggestions. cuz i really don't know what guitar is good for a uhm "semi-beginner"

greetz peace out .
whats your price range? lets start there and then we can recommend some guitars.
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yup i would say get a fender standard hss strat. its probably one of the most versatile guitars in its price range
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dont forget to set aside some money for an amp as well. my recommandations will be the vox valvetronix series or the roland cube series
if u play metal-roland cube
everything else- vox( the vox valvetronix is an all round amp but its weak in the metal area)
Also for guitars i'd say fender standard strat or epiphone les paul standard plain top-both $400USD
A Fender Standard Fat Strat would be good, and versatile too.

Amp wise, I think Cubes are a bit crap. If you want versatility, go for a Vox Valvetronix series.

What kind of music would you want to play?
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well, since your from belgium , I'd pay a visit to Piens in Deinze and test guitars over there, but don't buy them there ( way overpriced).

And if you picked a guitar that suits you go look at some local shops for cheaper prices.
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yup i would say get a fender standard hss strat. its probably one of the most versatile guitars in its price range

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wow thanks for all the responses,
well my price range is between 500 and 700 euros -> something like about 630 to 890 $
or anything below ofcourse. Just thinkingis the fender strat really one of the best for beginners or are there any better things not like a les paul but maybe something only known by "the insiders" or something
ow btw i like to play all kinds of rock, from nirvana to red hot chili peppers etc.. you know , the usual
Strats are great for a first electric because they can do alot e.g. whammy bar, 3 pick-ups 5 different settings all the bollox a semi-beginner should learn on electric
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yeh hss strat (i presume you know that means Humbucker in bridge, single in mid , single in neck, just in case ), and a vox valvetronix. I love my AD 50Vt, but something smaller for you, 15 or 30 i think...
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