Whats a great distortion pedal for 80's metal and hard rock? I was thinking of a proco deucetone rat, but they don't sell them in my local stores... Any1 have experience with these? If not wats another good choice to consider. I'm using an Epi Boneyard (the Joe perry LP), and a Fender Blues Jr. I need something thats cuts right thru the mix with possibly a zakk wylde, Slash, Van halen sound to it.

i've tried basic stuff, and i have the ds-1 lol. Its an alright pedal but doesnt cut it for gain.
Grim isnt the sd-1 an overdrive? The pedal will be going thru the clean chan. on my amp. Can the SD-1 be used as a distortion?
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I've read that a lot of players used the Boss SD-1

doesnt work with solid state amps, its only to overdrive tube amps
An SD-1 through a clean tube amp will only produce a light crunch, nowhere near enough for 80's metal or hard rock. Try the DS-2 or MD-2...