What scales and modes do you think would be best used in a Melodic Death Metal band that plays in the taste of old Norther, Insomnium, Arsis ect.

And what sort of agumented and diminshined chords are good for arpeggiating for that sorta both folky, yet dark sound?
well they say the evilist sounding mode is locrian, so theres a start. locrians good for metal riffs too.
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^Locrian is the seventh mode of the major scale.

Try some harmonizing... giving you a scale name isn't going to make you master a genre - you have to be creative, someone giving you scale names won't do that.
Yeah, sorry I meant seventh. I know enough theory to sorta go off from a mode or scale, but I need some ideas to build up on.
The diminished scale is nice too...Necrophagist uses this I think. And black dahlia uses this mixed with harmonic minor mixed with pentatonic, and Im pretty sure some others.
yea, phrygian and diminished
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it's not about what mode you use, it's how you use it...a scale is just a sequence of particular notes, and playing one mode over another isn't going to make you sound more "dark" or "evil" unless you know how to use it...try improvising over backing tracks with different scales and such to find which one best suits the sound you want to achieve - remember to try to see scales as notes, not patterns
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^^^ Like for instance the jazz players who use the dminished scale sound more upbeat, whilst the death metal players who use it sound much much darker, because they play more of the flat 3s, while the jazz players use the major notes..I cant explain it too much, I hope you get what I mean lol I need to increase my vocabulary.