im fixing up my guitar right now and i have a few questions before i do anything.

1. If i changed my machine heads with brand and style should i go with? i found some grover heads in a music shop and was thinking of getting them. could u name off a list of name brands and styles that would be good?

2. When replacing the strings, what brand has been pretty good to guys? the shop has a bunch like fender and some other fancy brands. and i read about guitar gouges or gauges. any thoughts on that and what set gouge or gauge to get for my electric, acoustic, and electric/acoustic? these three also go for the brands need and the machine heads talked about in the first question.

3. any popular guitar cleaner, polishers, or restorers u guys use or does it even matter?

i think that'll do it. anything else u guys want to add will be helpful. thanks.
Grovers are good, D'addario 9's or 10's are good.
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Grovers, Try diffrent strings and pick the ones you like the most, and Martin cleaning **** is really good stuff.
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