Hey guys!

So, my band played a gig at out school's pep assembly today....we played for 1400 people, and were paid, as we were replacing the DJ!

So, they introduce us, we're ready to go, and my Recto turns off....I panicted, thinking it was a fuse (which I didn't have any replacement ones of ). I check my surge protector, and it is getting no power.....so it was nothing woring with the amp....

Apparently, the school has very very sh!t power, atleast in the gym where we played.....not enough to power everything obviously

After pulling in and out of the wall a few times, I finally got the power running again....

We played, but my amp sounded like sh!t.....

No one in the crowd noticed, they had a blast, but it bugged the hell out of me the whole show....

So, obviously, I learned first had the good power is a must for a tube amp....

What can I do about this? Would getting a power conditioner help me, or will it just act like a fancy surge protector? Or would I have to look into something like a voltage regulator?!?!

What would you recommend for my situation? I would like to make this not happen again.....

Thanks for all the help!
I have the same problem in my garage. I also asked someone and heres what he said:

"First off, thats a signal that you are borderline from tripping the circuit breaker - hopefully there is one to trip too - otherwise you may be borderline to having a fire on your hands.

The correct way to remedy the situation is have another AC drop put in the garage, with an additional circuit breaker in the can. Keep in mind that circuit breakers are there to provide over current protection - not for your appliances, but for the house wiring being used. Some older places have aluminum wire still or 16 gauge wire - melting that down via over current draw = fire.

Course the other solution would be to just unplug some of that stuff, not running it all at the same time."

Idono if this would be different from a garage to gym. I'm sure you're not gonna spend money for another AC drop for your school lol. I'd say get a regulator, since it would regulate power and keep a constant flow?
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A furman is always a good idea to run through so you dont damage your amp/gear (especially in venues that are not designed for tons of equiptment). I do believe that a power regulator would help also. thats basicly what they are designed for.
A conditioner will just protect you from surges, so you need one of those more expensive ones that prevent dropouts.
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