Hi guys, im thinking of getting a new guitar. After reading that the Jackson DKMG has EMG-HZ pickups i decided to look at the Ibanez guitars. None of there guitars come with EMG as standard but i was just wondering if they can be easily installed?

It says on the Ibanez specs that they have Humbuckers so im guessing the EMG humbuckers (i would get the 81+85 combo) would fit ?? Is this correct??

Sorry if this is a stupid question but im a bit new to guitars :P

Also, if i did buy the replacement pickups could my local guitar shop do it and if so how much do you think they could charge??

Thanks for any replies, ZildjianUK

p.s Any suggestions on a wicked Ibanez guitar would be great. Iv been looking at the Prestige series and they look awsome.
Will you be changing tuning alot? Do you need a trem?

If you're chaning tuning and can live without a trem, look into the SZ series! They are killer guitars!

If you stay in one tuning, and want a trem, then the RG series (1570) is the way to go!
Some new ibanez guitars with "EX" and the end of the names have EMG's stock.

Edit: wait, i might be wrong about the models ending in ex, but I know some come with EMGs, not sure if any of them are in the prestige line.
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^yeah, I think you were thinking of those guitar center specials, I remember they had some EMG/Ibz designed pups.
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just get a schecter hellraiser

Jesus, the Hellraiser has become the new RG1570.
Yeah i can see that one has real EMG's but im in the UK...lol. You go to the UK version and the EMG's "Suddenly" dissapear. lol

Thanks for the suggestions, would it be easy to get EMG's installed though??
lol it bloody sucks, you can never get the finish you want or the original floyd or the EMG's!!! lol. Is the Edge Pro a good tremelo?

How much would it cost to get EMG's installed into an Ibanez??
Thanks m8, cos that 1 has 3 pickups would it be ok to have the 2 EMG's installed but have the stock middle one??
^It is a good Idea not to mix and match active and passive pups, makes for complecated wiring. There are single coil EMGs just to let ya know.
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Yeah i saw them....but what ones would u recomend to get with the 81 n 85 set??
Maybe look at some ESP 400 series, most come with EMG's stock
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Cool thanks guys, im on the ESP website the MH-400 looks awsome and comes with the EMG's i want.

Bet ya any money i cant get it in the UK! lol.
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Im quite interested in the Ibanez RGT42DX. Anyone know it its any good??

That's what I have, and play on currently. I love it to death.

Then again, i'm still a new player too. The infinity pickups make me happy though.