Okay, so I know some fo you see a new user with a topic title talking about natural harmonics. "What a n0O|3", right?

Well my question was, have you ever been able to strike a natural harmonic, then proceed to bend it with your fretting hand as you would a pinch harmonic? I discovered I was able to do this, and I can do this quite well. I was wondering if any of you have done so, or heard of it. I'd like to know more about if if so.
do you like just push the string up, like not against the fret but just up?

seems pretty cool though
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How exactly do you do this? I've been more curious about harmonics and such lately, so I've been trying to learn the best way to achieve them and different ways to use them. Any info would be appreciated.
well im a noob to harmonics so i dont know the diference between a natural harmonic and an artificial harmonic but i can also bend which ever harmonic im doing

by the way what is the diference between an artificial harmonic and a natural harmonic?
Artificial harmonics are also known as pinch harmonics, which is caused by brushing the thumb against the string right after picking it with your pick.

My bending is hard to describe I guess, sometimes I push th estring down and keep bending and it works, sometimes I just bend without it touching the fret. I have to 'float' the string on the E and A strings to get it to work right, but on the other strings I can just press down as if i'm playing the note.
I have a friend who can do it and it drives me crazy
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Yea, actually my bass player discovered this at band practice one day. i found it only worked on the 5th fret, though right now it only works on the 7th. i do it my just pushing directly against the fret.
Okay, cool. I was wondering what exactly you'd call this..? Call it drives my friends absolutely crazy, cause I write riffs with these in there, and they can't do them at all cause none play with a trem system, or can pull off these bends.

P.s. Eclectia: I can do these anywhere on the fret board, but it's much harder up in the teens and then twenties.
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