Hi, decided to do a short version of the 24th ... was inspired by that crazy 11 year old japanese girl.
I did it on my crappy steel string acoustic so the sweep picking isn't very good especially towards the higher frets, and it has very high action so its hard to pick fast on the lower frets i can play it much better @ the guitar shop hehe with the expensive a oustics
but whatever

anyways please crit, i've been playing a year and a half

Guitars a bit out of tune but not that bad would be better with a good take of it and a better guitar, true but nontheless okay for a year and a half
Quote by imnotcommunist
lets make an emo song!!
first play same 2 power chords over and over
have a breakdown every 10 seconds
cry and whimper
dont forget the hair over one eye
and the depressing lyrics on how your teddy bear died!
no offence dude but it sounds like you just learned it and crapped it out... the guitar sounds fine