Whenever i sing, i happend to kind of do it with a bit of an accent. I usually put extra focus on 't's and 'c,k,ch,ck,'s (like, sock, doc, school). Sometimes, i kinda 'imitate' the singing style of Greenwheel's singer. Does anybody else do something like this?
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yeah dude i happen sound kinda british when i sing...its weird ya know but it happns to sme people
Usually when I sing classical, I have a slight british accent. I don't have any accent when I talk.
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me and my other guitarist put an american accent sometimes. it ****ing hard not to
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Everyone does something like this when they sing, some people find that when singing certain words they end up singing it in an unusual way.

If you don't like it you can probably tame it since it's all psychological. It's just a matter of practicing those particular sounds. But some people like this and it gives a singer character so it's really personal opinion.
I know what you mean. Like certain power metal songs, for instance, have to have European accents to fit in with the song. Or another example is Chrome Division's singer, he's Norwegian, but when he sings, he sounds American.
i have a slight british accent, but really only on certain words and vowels. dont know why. but i like it.
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