ARIGHT I HAVE THE BEST OF BLACK LABEL SOCIETY TAB BOOK AND in the song "All For You" IT WILL SAY PINCH HARMONIC AT 6 fret 6 string thats A sharp and it says nest to it (pitch C) now a C is on the 8th fret so how do i pinch up to C if im on a sharp..... theres liie 5 different harmonics on the same fret???? HELP
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a pinch harmonic is when you bend the string and kinda mute it with your thumb


A pinch harmonic is where you pick the note, but you hit it with the side of your thumb when you pick. In no way do you mute it. If you do it right you should hear a very nice high pitch squeel sound if you have on high distortion. It takes a lot of practice to do, but you can get it. I think I understand your question.

I think it means you hit a harmonic on the 6th fret, and bend it so the sound is raised two frets. That's probably easy if you have a whammy bar.
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