Hey there. Me and a couple of friends wrote this song a couple of days ago. It's actually not finished. Don't yell at me for that. I just wanted to know how you guys think it's going so far because I trust guitar players more than my buddies who don't appreciate it. It's kinda based on earlier Queens of the Stone Age songs such as "You Can't Quit Me, Baby". Constructive criticism only, please, I don't wanna get flamed.

Kinda catchy and great recording quality/ no mistakes. Good stuff but would be great with some singing and a little more bottom end on the guitar. Bass sounds very nice. good stuff
Quote by imnotcommunist
lets make an emo song!!
first play same 2 power chords over and over
have a breakdown every 10 seconds
cry and whimper
dont forget the hair over one eye
and the depressing lyrics on how your teddy bear died!