Can someone give some good ska bands and a couple songs per band? Thanks a lot.
There are no good Ska bands cept for

Strapping young lad- you suck

try that one c what ya think
Quote by imnotcommunist
lets make an emo song!!
first play same 2 power chords over and over
have a breakdown every 10 seconds
cry and whimper
dont forget the hair over one eye
and the depressing lyrics on how your teddy bear died!
You know, there is a punk and ska forum...

But whatever, here's some good ska bands:

The Aquabats
The Arrogant Sons of Bitches
Authority Zero
Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution
Big D & the Kids Table
Bomb the Music Industry!
Brain Failure (mostly a punk band but have some ska songs)
Catch 22
Common Rider
The Forces of Evil
(early) Goldfinger
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Operation Ivy (if you listen to nothing else from my list, at least listen to them, one of the best bands of any genre)
The Pietasters
Save Ferris

Those are all 3rd wave ska, which is probably what you think of as ska. There's also 1st and 2nd wave, which are closer to traditional Jamacian music (well, 1st wave is just that).