Hey...so emm whats up...
well I made a post recently about a faded SG vs a Schecter C-1 Classic...

But anywayz, I kinda stumbled into about 400$ that I had from various stuff. So now I have about 1100$ to spend on a guitar.

I own a cheap amp, but I have an extra 240$ that im gonna use to buy a vox AD30vt. I know most everyone will recommend saving for a tube amp. But while being in a small college dorm, and seeing it is a college envorioment, I believe that a combo amp like a vox is in my best interest. Once I get my own place though I do plan on getting a tube amp.

So anywayz...my preferences...
Mainly hard rock. Obviously Angus Young comes to mind. I love AC/DC, along with zeppelin, hendrix, metallica, pantera, van halen. So i usually stick to hard rock and metal. But recently I have been listening to a lot of blues and jazz, but I havnt played any yet.

but I usually like humbuckers, so a fender strat doesnt really come to mind as something I can see myself getting attached to...but who knows...also my guitar now is an Ibanez rg320dx that has a licenced floyd rose...yea it is a cheaper one, but I think I wanna try different music, including drop D, drop C, downtunings ect....So i really dont want something with a floyd.

Any suggestions?
As always, thanks!
Don't waste your money on a special faded, you're only short of a hundred dollars or so for an SG Standard, which is perfect for Classic Rock/Blues/Rock stuff.

EDIT: Just read the post and it seems you weren't deciding between the SG and the Shecter. I'd still go for the SG though, its very versatile.
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a Dean Razorback V..........lol..mabey too metal for you

well if you got that much i would say a LTD EC-1000, Viper-1000

an ibanez RG1570...a Schecter Hellraiser

a jackson dinky DKMG....or if you can a soloist
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I happen to like some of Schecter's stuff a lot. If you want hard rock and metal, a C-1 Hellraiser or C-1 Jolly Roger might suit you. They both have EMG active 81/85 pickups. If you don't want active pick-ups, then the classic isn't a bad idea, but it's got a jazz pickup and a JB.

As for SGs, are you aware of how neck heavy they are? I find them hard to play for that reason, so make sure you mess with one for a while, and see if it suits you.
Why not a Fender Strat HSS? Its got a humbucker plus the 2 singles and is amazing imho.I just bought a MIM one but with what your spending you could get a US made one.
i also recommend a brownsville my friend has...i dont know the model..but its a LP copy with a set neck and silver coverd pups...it did great distortion and cleans...it was a very very good guitar......and had a pretty fast neck (faster then my blackjack right now)
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Schecter C-1 Blackjack w/ EMG 81/85 PA2
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Any Carvin guitars

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I see a lot of people recommending the rg1570, but I dont think I want another ibanez, I kind of want something different. DOnt get me wrong I love mine, and even though its a low end ibanez i think its time for something different.

I kinda like the viper-1000.
And I was thinking about some sort of HSS Strat but ive never had any experience with them. But im still eyeing that SG Standard.

And ive heard that carvin's are great guitars, but you cant get them at guitar centers can you? I was hoping to be able to get something from there and not have to worry about shipping, or if its gonna be exactly what i want when it gets here. Gotta love the guitar center
hmm some of those ESP's are pretty cool.

I liked that H-1000 with the seymore duncans. haha maybe they'll have it at the guitar center so I could check it out.

But anywayz thanks for the quick replies
Quote by ClassicAxe
Any Carvin guitars

Ibanez RGA121

Yes, you can get a really good custom guitar from carvin for pretty cheap. In your pricerange.
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Schecter C-1 Elite. its a lot like that SG your looking at but for less money, and in my opinion it sounds and plays just as good if not better. the pickups dominate and it has a push/pull coil tap on one of the knobs, which will give you that blues/jazz-ish tone.
Ive never heard anyone complain about carvin guitars, but this time around I think im gonna go for something that I can actually touch and feel and try out first.

But about the schecter, yea but i think I would go with a C-1 Classic, even though it is a bit to flashy for my tastes, but I played one and it was amazing. And that JB bridge pickups, and SH-2N jazz pickups is great, I dont think you can get more versatile then that. And i tried one of these and loved it.

But i figure if I can spend 1100$ instead of 700$ on a better quality guitar go for it, but i havnt had any experience with the standards, so I can say, only the specials.

Before I was actually trying to decide between a faded SG Special, and a Schecter C-1 Classic. But then i found some more money :P
haha just thought id check back in.

After deciding on a sg standard, I went with the Faded SG special, they did sound pretty close, and I spent the extra money and got a nice tube amp

Its a 60 watt Fender- Deville, and it was about 500$ and in great condition, so I went for it...only thing is im not sure if i can get enough gain for that kinda angus sound, or the metallica like sound...but my boss mt-2 isnt exactly an amazing pedal...

But im still trying to figure out all the buttons and wut not, lol and reverb sounds badass...for the record...

Also could someone fill me in on tube's...there is an on switch and then a standy switch...
to turn it off, do u put it in standbye for a few seconds and then switch the power off? the guy at the guitar center said to wait about 5 mineuts or so...