i just bought the newe breaking benjamin cd phobia, and almost all there songs are in Bb and i was gunna buy new guitar strings that would be a heaver gaudge so i could tune that low...i have .009 - .042 super light gauge strings on now (ive been meaning 2 get a heavier gauge strings for a long time but never have)... my question is what gauge would be the best 2 tune to Bb and stay in tune?
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try the zakk wylde ghs boomers i tried em and i tune drop a and they sound good

those are prolly the best way to go (w/ the 70 gauge low-E)
either that, or go for 12 gauge+ (if u can)
Drop a?? damn thats low.

Always thought thats why there was bassists.
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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I use the heavy top, light bottom ernie ball strings, I think they are., and I am tuned down to Ab lol. So I think theyd be ok for your Bb too. The zakk wylde strings are a pain in the ass, as they sometimes wont fit too good on your nut, etc. What I have on my other guitar though, the one I shred on, is have it tuned to Ab, but with custom strings, like since I bend the high e alot, I have that one really thin so I can bend really easily, while I have the low E on .48 (I think) guage, bcause I never bend that string. Its all these wacky guages, but experiment until you get a good string set, if you cant find any that suit you now
^not too much if your guitar is setup properly..... and yes i would use the zakk wylde .70's bass boomers too (i personally use them and like the way they sound and actually use them for standard tuning), they work great in any tuning (but don't tune as high as standard E if you have a bolt on neck....)