hey everyone,

like probably some of you here, i want an explorer guitar, but simply cant afford those gibsons, and hell, even the epiphones. i was looking into remakes of em, like the deans, and kramers, but i didnt know if anyone could reccomend one that they have/played. ive seen the imperial by kramer, and the dean zx. also the slammer by hamer. so any opinions/comments, id apreciate it. thanks.

i have a gibson explorer it is a good guitar but i understand the financial restraint at getting one, anyway LTD makes a couple good ones the EX-400 or the EXD-351 both great guitars, Hammers arent half bad, Dean 79 Zs are ok with a good pickup change, Ibanez destroyers are another good option
i wouldnt get a cheap rip off verson of a guitar
i would just save up the money and get a good decent guitar
trust me in the end it will be better
Peavey Rotors are most likely a good guitar. I've liked all the peaveys i've played.
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http://www.rondomusic.net/gg2.html cheap.. yes.. as far as experience i've played one for about 15 mins.. didnt sound bad but it had been overhauled with new pups and tuners.. sink about 200 into it and im sure you'll have something your happy with rather than blowing your money on a Gibson in which ultimately you wind up switching the pups...
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