What are some fairly easy metal songs in drop d? i know most are in drop c, but o well, ill change it up a bit. Thanks
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try some lamb of god

i wouldnt consider Lamb Of God fairly easy.....there a bit harder than that

umm....try slayer...fast yet really easy

umm..the new children of bodom is drop C so try, "Are you dead yet?".
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Trivium's second cd Asendancy is in droped d and isn's too hard once you get it down
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If you want really easy songs in Drop D, try Godsmack.. Most of their stuff is simple. Also, some of Panteras rythmn is in Drop D, and fairly easy.
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Tool uses drop d exclusively, dunno whether you'd consider them metal or not?

EDIT: Very easy, but they use many different time signatures, which is good to learn.
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