you're playing is wayyy off tempo and out of time. slow it down.
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wow man, slow it down, when you're playing blues or blues/rock songs make every note count and make them all say something. So that means if you have to play slow to make that happen then do so. dont rush through and get your riffs down pat before showing them to the world.

oh and make sure your bending is 100% accurate!
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Well, I think it was a good for an improv, but yeah, like the previous people said, you didn't really NEED to go that fast, as bluesy sounds good slow as well as fast. You did well for only about half a year of playing, though. I'm impressed.
Fix that tone, its painful, also get on time, but overall its half decent for an improv
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at 7 months you may be faster than me at 4 1/2 years. but my improv still sounds better :p ive improved my improv skills very slowly over the full 4 1/2 years, only recently have i started improvising more often and gotten a good deal better at it. what i thought was really important is to try new things. try them slowly, repeat them a few times, until you can get a lick to sound how you want it to. then you can incorperate it in your future playing.

your bends need a lot of work. they make your solo painful to listen to, even though you have some good ideas. bend slowly and bend exactly to the note your trying to reach.

your playing way to fast, way faster than you are able to handle. dont do that.
Like what's been already said, you can't handle riffs or speed yet. STOP and play each note individually and accurately before you do anything else. If you don't listen to comments like these your technique will remain horrible, but you've just started playing so you can correct this easily. You need to learn good technique before you even think about learning the "right way" to improvise or make a solo. Some of the most emotional blues solos are extremely slow and contain only a few notes. Speed is nothing without accuracy and you need to worry about the basics before you start to play fast.
sorry about the tone, it's a squier. I haven't really been giving a lot of though on getting better gear because i don't play electric guitar too much. I don't really work on licks or anything that's why my technique is so bad. I've been working on singer songwriter stuff, improvising is just something that's just there to do with the guitar when i'm bored.

Thanks for the advice, I don't usually play that fast, but the music was just so damn tempting.

I'll slow it down next time, thanks for the tip guys.
the tone has **** all to do with the fact your guitar is a squier, its mostly the amp settings that decide a tone like that.
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