I was strongly inspired by Joe Satriani, more then steve vai in terms of instramental pieces... I learned alot from his title track Super Collolossus.....(I apologize for spelling it wrong). He has been one of my greatest influances.

What about you?
Best Guitarists:
Steve Vai
Joe Satranai
Yngwie Malmsteen
Frank Zappa

Songs To Play:
Satch Boogie
Master Of puppets
In the Fire-Road Runner United
AC/DC shit, there just fun as hell
hah. thats really funny, because definitely steve vai. he's my all time favorite hero, and even though joe taught, i cant really get attached to joe's style. i really like vai's stuff more, maybe because i dont really like the blues stuff joe does.. anyway. steve vai was my inspiration
I have been listening to KoRn since i was one of the wee ones in school.
I've listened to them progress and how they've changed and how they can make something soo simple sound soo awesome. I think that KoRn would be my main influence!
By the way nice topic!
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It's spelt Super Colossal for future reference.

As a matter of fact, I cite Joe Satriani as one of my biggest musical influences, along with Steve Vai. The Beatles coming in a close third.
This order...

1) Kirk Hammett
2) Eddie Van Halen
3) Les Claypool
4) Larry LaLonde...I love his sound.
I must say, it started off for me as Angus Young.

Then I found Zeppelin.

So top 5:

1) Jimmy Page
2)Eric Clapton
3)David Gilmour
4)John Petrucci
5)John Lee Hooker
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Composition-wise, it was probably Genesis. Mike Oldfield is a big influence lately.

Also, lots of pop/rock-ish stuff like U2.
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I have five guys that really inspired me. In no particular order it's Jimmy Page, Paul Gilbert, Roy Buchannan, Jeff Beck, and Jerry Garcia.
Pink Floyd, hands down.

Their longer more epic sounding songs (Echoes, Dogs) are so inspiring, it makes me want to write something with the same kind of intensity they have.
1.Synyster gates-avenged sevenfold
2.slash-if u don't know who he is dont play guitar
3.Yngwei malmstein (s.p..????)
4.Adrian Smith-Iron maiden
5.Eddie vanhalen-Vanhalen
6.Steve vai-steve vai

just a few to list but alot more
1)John McLaughlin
2)Jeff Beck
3)Allan Holdsworth
4)Pat Metheny
5)Al Di Meola
6)Chris Impellitteri
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Conor Oboerst.
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Am i the only one who influenced themselfs.........................?
Joe steve and yngwie were big influences along with slash and clapton. Also most of the big jazz virtuoso's
1: Eric Johnson.
2: Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom)
3: Grant Green (not really compositionwise, but he inspired me to use great licks in improvising and composition, so he counts)
4: Opeth (since a couple of days )
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All of the oldies, and recently paul gilbert & nuno bettencourt.
mine are in no particular order:

1. Corey Beaulieu - Trivium - what more to say about him?
2. Matt Heafy - Trivium - one of the youngest metal guitarists
3. Dave Mustaine - Megadeth - writes some freaking crazy solos
4. Dave Baksh - ex-Sum 41 - lets face it, if it werent for him and their song "Bitter End" I wouldn't be playing as fast as I am at this point in time.
5. Jeff Loomis - Nevermore - his riffs and solos are so technical, and he has great speed. definitely one of the most technical guitarists i've ever heard.
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mine are in no particular order:

2. Matt Heafy - Trivium - the youngest metal guitarist today.

Might want to rephrase that....

Anyway, I mostly listened to Nickelback when I started, and since then a lot of 'Tallica, so my rythym riffs can generally be traced back to their styles. For lead, Hammett's obvious, especially as I wouldn't be playing but for him, but also Slash, Richie Blackmore, even guys like Alexi Laiho and Yngwie Malmsteen who are waaay out of my league in terms of ability, I still get influenced by the sounds they make.

I also get influenced by clichéd sounds - if I come up with something that sounds Spanish, or Oriental, or Medievil, or whatever, I'll run with that.
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ahh yes SRV. i got the intro on texas flood (easy) and then he's like twangledoodleblopdebloo dun dun dun dun DA dun DA and im like *dead*.

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hmm lemme go again...

1) Steve Vai
2) Jeff Beck
3) George Harrison (hah.)
4) Joe Satriani
5) Jimmy Page
None , I started writting music at the age of 7 on piano. I listened to lots of bands but When i sat down to practice I was comming up with melodies. Most of them are now songs of mine . there is one on my sig that i wrote when i was 10 , only the piano part and now i finished it .(solitude) .
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