hey guys i thinking of buying a strat something thats sounds good but i dont want to pay $2000 aussie dollars for a strat my budget is around 500 aussie dollars
why dont u just save up another 300 bucks for a fender strat, im sure u could find one
dude u can get a brand new fender strat (mexican) for like 700 rrp and then u can bargain and get it for even cheaper.
I just went on a currency converter and 500 AUD is 383 USD. For that much you could get an agile AL les paul copy. from what i've heard this'll be way better than a squire, plus its made of mahogany and not agathis like the squire so it'll sound alot better. If you wanted a strat shaped guitar though they have some to which are said to be quite a bit better than the standard fender strat(the mexican ones). I just remembered that your in australia so shipping might be more and im not sure if they ship out there. I think you might be able to swing a epi LP maybe, not sure though but if you must, I guess squires are ok to start off with
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What is plexi? Do you mean a guitar made out of plexiglass?
my first guitar was a squire and i would definately NOT(!!) reccomend getting one. they r pretty crap guitars. i think you should stick with whatever you have now until you save up a bit more money because 500$ isnt going to get you an instrument that you are going to be happy with
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the G&L tribute is better than any fender strat. and it goes for about 600 bucks here in canada. not sure how much that is in aus. though
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my squire strats pretty good, and i enjoy playing it, but its not really a gig guitar, just fun to play
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you can get a standard fender strat for 400 USD, why dont you just do that?
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You can't get an agile sent to australia..

But for 500 australian dollars, and u're in teh sydney area there's a great store that sells used japanese fenders if u're willing to chip in a few more bucks.

I wouldn't recommend a squire, you'll regret it as soon as you get it.
^lol yea I wasnt sure about that
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What is plexi? Do you mean a guitar made out of plexiglass?