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Since nobody seems to care about the "Only 'which amp' thread" and because I wanted to add a poll, I made a thread asking which amp.

First: The Epiphone Valve Junior.
5W and only one dial. I'll need to pick up an EQ which could make it more expensive overall. 140US (~$156.85) and Danelectro EQ 30US (~$33.61) recomend me a better EQ if you want.

Second: Vox Valvetronix AD15VT.
15W and tons of dials. Problem is, it's a modelling amp. I think you can bypass all its effects and use your own pedals. 180US (~$201.67)

Or suggest one within these parameters:
Under ~$200
Three band EQ

The prices are from Musiciansfriend. The store is usually cheaper.

And, of course, I play blues and blues rock. I need good cleans and a more aggressive overdriven tone for dirty blues, a la Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billy Gibbons, George Thorogood, Johnny Winter etc. At the moment I'm dependant on my BOSS BD-2, which is more than satisfactory, but suggest what you will.
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They're both tubes.
"There's Jimmy Page, one of the biggest thieves of American black music to ever walk the Earth."
not exactly, one is fully tube, the other one is only hybrid with a pre amp tube, but power tubes affect your sound most
^The Vox has one tube in the power amp. It is completely useless and is only there as a gimmick.

It is, however, still a decent amp and would be great for practice.

The Epi will be louder overall, it is a REAL tube amp, and it's cheaper, even with the EQ. It will sound better and will suit what you play perfectly. Do you have any kind of cabinet now? If you do, just pick up the Epi Valve Jr. head and hook it up to a cab.

Of the two, I'd suggest the Epi with the EQ pedal.
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The Epi will only do one tone, bare that in mind. If you buy the Epi and decide you don't like the tone, no amount of pedals will change that. If you try out the Valve Junior first and like it then by all means get that, it will suit your styles well.
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OMGZORZ, liek if its liek tube, it will be bettorzs liek x infinity!!!

It's 5 watt class a, even if you apply the x2.5(its an EL84 so not even that much) loudness rule, it'll still be as loud a a 12watt solid state. I'm pretty sure there is no effects loop and at this price there really shouldn't be one, which will render an EQ useless. To get that "tube" sound you'll have to be playing at the almost max levels most of the time, now it won't be that loud, but not very practical for discrete practicing.

Also you can get the Vox to sound pretty damn close the the VJr. but not the other way around. Althoguh you do want a blues rock amp, those sounds you want are very different from one another and this little thing might not deliver.
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