I listened to You're Beautiful and Free Fallin'.

You did a good job on both of them. Your guitar tone on Free Fallin is pretty gorgeous. Drum loops are also well done. I've got nothing bad to say about this one (except maybe taking the chorus an octave lower, but that's being really really nit-picky). But yeah, amazing job dude.

If you get a chance, please take a look at my cover of Bubble Toes, thanks : )

Liked Free Fallin' as dayfreamer8805 said nice tone. Easy laid back. YB was also ok, good vocals but the lead guitar didnt seem to be in Key?? im no expert but sounded a bit..... strange or maybe im talkin out of my a** though all in all good work and good vocals. keep it up.
free falling- very good job, on everythin. the vocals were good, guitar was good, i got nothin to complainin. very relaxin song.

your beutifal- i love the intro, good job, chords sound nice as well, vocals are good too, your voice fits this song very well IMO.

So far away - again the guitar is good, drums as well. your voice dosen't fit this one as well as the other two, but its still ok.

great job on all of the songs, you are very talented. very accurate, no mistakes at least that i heard.

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