Ok, so lately I've been thinking about getting a Telecaster. Which kind would be the best to get? I'm trying to spend as little as possible but I do want a quality guitar. So when it comes down to it, I'll spend as much as I need to spend to attain a high quality Tele. Thanks.
well what kinda music do you play? i would recommend the john 5 tele or if your feeling saucy the j5 bigsby which is like 2200. but it supposedly really versitile and looks good too.

but ya what kinda music you play? and what amp do you have?
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The new Deluxe telecaster ash bodies are a dream to play mmmmmm and the 52' reissues.
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I've been thinking about it to.

I play down n' dirty Texas Blues like Johnny Winter and SRV, and British Blues like Beck and Vanilla Fudge. And Led Zeppelin is the all time favorite band.

So what kind would someone reccomend for me?
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I play a lot of different styles but incorperate a lot of southern rock, blues, and jazz into what I play. I need something pretty versatile because I also play metal. Although I do have a LP so playing metal with the Tele isn't that important.

Also, the amp is the Peavy Joe Satriani
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i recomend the j5 bigsby telecaster. a.)its got a bigsby you can't do sweet dive bombos but its could for the slght vibrato. b.)the headstock is shaved down slightly for easier behind the nut bends. c.)its got a duncan hot rails whih is supposedly a hot humbucker in single coil form.
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If you already have a guitar for metal, I'd recommend either the American ash Tele or the '52 reissue. The body wood on the ash makes it warmer, a bit snappier, but I didn't like the neck as much as the one on the '52. The only thing I didn't like about the '52 is the old-style bridge. But the U-shaped, soft V neck is the secks.
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Ok, I have to ask. I've seen lots of "I want a xxxx guitar for xxxx genre". I've seen telecaster questions for people playing Punk, rock, indie, etc. Whats the difference? What do you suggest differently for different genres and sounds? Let's say if I got a telecaster and wanted to play nearly all pink floyd and classic rock and someone else(use the original poster). What different suggestions for guitars would you reccomend, and why?

I hope this is making sense, I read through that again and not sure how much it does :/
The pickup is just the sound you get and the feel. Metal guys usually like high distortion and thin necks. Classic rock guys are looking for a little more textured distortion but good cleans. Blues guys want excellent cleans and really good dirty tones. Also, different body styles fit different images. Like if you wanted to play just classic rock and wanted to sound like David Gilmour, I'd recommend a Strat with EMG pickups or a guitar with high powered humbuckers. If you were a guy looking to shred, I'd recommend an Ibanez, Jackson, or ESP. Usually when people mention a style, they have a particular tone in mind, and that's what I try to think of when I think of recommendations.
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A nashville tele. First, it is the cheapest that has been suggested so far (I got mine for 710 canadian- roughly 550 american). Second, it gives you tele and strat sounds (with the middle pickup). Just to clarify, it isn't just for country. In fact, I don't play any country at all. Try listening to some April Wine. I saw them live, and both the lead guitarist and the singer played Nashville teles during the concert.
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