Whats a good sold brand that makes decet classicals, i have no idea about classicals. also i was wondering if i should actually buy one, are they good for soloing? finger picking? rythem? thanks
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Okay.. The only good classical that I've tried was a Cuenca. I don't know the model but it was somewhere around 500?. I think they are handcrafted in Spain. It had a very "full" sound compared to some of the cheaper ones like the Yamaha C-40.

Does anyone know more about this brand because I might be interested in buying one of their classicals?
Cuenca is quite good. But get Alhambra, Esteve or Almansa. They seem to be built better. Yamaha classicals mostly seem to lack volume, even the handcrafted models. The playability and construction quality is great, but the tone and volume fall behind.