i'd like a 12 string, but am very cheap, wahts the cheapest acoustic 12 string there is? thanks


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Peavey Briarwoods are about 180 new, and i LOVE mine. I dont know if its the cheapest, but its pretty cheap.
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its not cheap, but the best ive seen is a martin dm12, its around 800-900, and is beautiful
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The cheapest 12-string worth buying (I've played many in the price range) is the Washburn D10S12. Good sound for only $250. Another couple of good options are the Yamaha FG720 12-string, and the Alvarez RD20S 12 string. They go for about $330.

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Rogue sell some for about $99
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Are the rogues worth the $99?

You get what you pay for. Think about it.
The rogues action is high so youll have to fix that, Aside from that i havent seen a bad review...my friend swears by them(might be why he sounds like crap) But you better off get Speding a lil more for a better guitar. I agree with what roamingbard13 said.
Why buy new? Check out 12 string guitars on ebay.
Quality used models often bring a fraction of what compareable 6 string models bring. But be careull and ASK QUESTIONS to make sure you get one in good condition. (tip: I ALWAYS ask questions when buying on ebay. If a seller won't replay to sell it, he likely won't be responsive if a problem arises.)
i bought a used 30 year old fender for 160 the other day, just shop around at local stores and pawn shops. Mine sounds crisp.