Ok, well the band i'm about to start has a prob already. My lead guitarist is a excelent one no doubt but everything he writes sounds like a god damn robot.
his technique near flawless but no heart. Sounds like a machine is playin and not him. I tried tellin him polietly "open up, be you and all that comes out is really fast paced half good riffs. Botom line is that he can play really good without heart. Any help?

show him some clapton or buddy guy...tell him to "feel" the music like they do.
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its hard to find musicians with the same feel for music as you do. Find another guitarist if its really not working.
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^ I agree. Show him so blues. Show him some SRV, B.B. King, and stuff like evening_crow said, but if he doesn't get it he won't ever get it probably. Most people just play they don't really feel anything.
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no matter how you play it comes from ur heart.

what u should do is write some lyrics then see what kind of lead he puts to it. if its realy fast and rocking for a song thats about ur dog dieing then kick him out.

no, lots of people play without heart..... yeah, honestly you have to try to open him up to some blues classics, or maybe just some virtuosity will persuade him. i mean, who doesn't want to play like Jeff Beck? he's probably the best to show him, IMO anyway, or Steve Vai's more jazzy stuff. like maybe tender surrender. if he still doesnt change then you might want to consider a new guitarist :/