To be plain and simple, i need some help deciding what guitar i should get, im 98percent sure im getting a strat (being that i want to play alot of pink) i have little experience with the technicals of electric guitar. So thats why I am here.

As far as money goes, id like to stay under 1000 bucks.

Oh, and what distortion, or amp do i need to have a god pink floyd sound.

P.S. : so whats the deal with Agile guitars, i was looking at a ST - 1000 sunburst, seems wellmade, got good reviews, and its mega cheap for a strat ripoff

All help is appreciated
I've heard Agiles are really good knock offs, and I'm certain most people here will say the same. I'm not sure what official Fender model to recommend, but I can assure you that you're making the right choice with the Strat if you'll be playing Floyd.

For effects, you can check out http://gilmourish.com for a list of Gilmour's effects in his rig.
David Gilmour uses Hiwatt amps and Fender guitars.

I've seen him use some lace pickups, in his strats. But i'd start with getting the American Strat...its a little under $1000
I would go for an american strat, and put some emgs in it like floyd does. However, if you don't have a good tube amp, don't even bother with the guitar. Get a decent tube amp (maybe a Fender) and then a cheaper strat (maybe a classic series). You can put emgs in later.
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get any strat-style guitar and put the EMG DG-20 set in it
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Why was I always under the impression that Gilmour used telecasters most of the time. Would it make a difference having a telecaster rather than strat if going to play 90+% Floyd material?

Also, thanks to the poster for having nearly the same exact question Ive had for weeks

Except, I've got around 300-400 to spend, not 1000 :/
He uses Strats, the black one being his go to axe. Normally he would use position 4 (neck+middle) so it would hard to get that tone with a tele (nashville teles have 3 pickups).

I'd go with either a Fender American, pony up for an Eric Johnson sig, or perhaps a G&L.
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What the differences between, say

Fender Standard Strat - $400
Fender Standard Strat HH - $400
Fender Standard HSS Strat - $400

Which of these, if any, would be best to get you what you need for a Floyd sound?

Edit: Also, what are EMG's? What do they do and how do you get them/install them to the guitar?
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Emgs are active pickups for metal, sounding best through an tube amp.
Install like any other active.
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The HH strat has 2 humbuckers, and hte HSS has one humbucker and 2 single coil pickups. You'd most definately want the Standard Strat, which has 3 single coil pickups, as Gilmour uses the bridge single coil pickup as much as the neck pickup. EMGs are active pickups that Gilmour uses these days. He's used them since the mid 80's, so they're good if you want that more modern Gilmour tone, but I'd stick with standard fender pickups if you want more of a 70's Floyd tone. For amp, I'd look at any very clean, pure sounding tube amp, like a Fender, Hiwatt etc. Effects, settings etc can be found on the site that Gin_Rummy posted, it's all on there
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You could get a highway one model if you can't afford an american strat.

I would recommend the 3 single coils for that gilmour tone.

Try to spend more on the amp, since the amp will have a more dramatic affect on sound.

I think everyone else pretty much summed it up for you.
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