well iv not bought anything from there (cos i can't i live in the UK). Anyway i've not heard one bad report tbh, only good ratings of them But ask around more and see what answers u get
i have no experience with them either... but i've heard that with a good setup, it can be compared to a MIM fender...
most of the guys t talkbass are totally for SX basses.

my new six string is a brice and its one of the besty basses ive played, its wonderful, and was only 450
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I am wondering the same thing. Has anyone had BAD experiences with these basses? I was thinking about one of the SX models but, they're so amazingly inexpensive, can they really still be good?
they are nice basses for their price, and you can easily modify them to your liking. some may need a pro set up. i actually bought a brice 6 string from them and since i was at the store i got the floor model for only $200. i just sent it in for a nice set up. great bass.
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