I currently use a 1-year-old American strat with 3 basic single coils but am planning on changing the bridge pickup to a DiMarzio D sonic (same bridge pickups as petrucci). I'm not sure if its a good choice cuz I like playing music like Alterbridge, liquid tension experiment, malmsteen... kinda shreddy and heavy stuff.

Also I'm not very sure about the procedure in switching a bridge single coil to a bridge humbucker. Will it require sawing out wood and destroying the woodwork? cuz I'll really hate to do that.

Will appreciate any advice and comments.
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You'll need a new pickguard (unless you want to cut a space out).

I think that's an okay choice, I think Malmsteen uses his neck pickup anyway. Those other bands (I think) use humbuckers. It should be fine.

Can you unscrew your pickguard and take a photo of the cavity under it?
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You have a nice guitar, man. And Id hate for you to fork it all up.

ANYWAYS: A lot of Strat's body cavities are big enough to house a humbucker in at least the bridge. Buying a new pickguard set up for HSS is the easiest way for the conversion.
But also these days theres a lot of new pickups, humbuckers actually, that are made to fit single coil slots. Good ones being the Dimarzio Distiortion or the Sey-Dunc Hotrails (I have one in the bridge of my Strat-see sig-and its so awesome!) to name just a couple.
Go for the Sey-Duncan Hot Rails, fits straight into the single coil slot. Just about everyone I know that has a strat and plays heavy rock has put one of these in and you will not regret it.
bleh i have a hotrail in my strat... doesent live up to the hype good distortion humbucking feel as advertised but kinda crap tone its not that bad its just really sterile sounding
^ probably because theyre one of the highest output pickups made. Theyre not really sterile, just really mid-range oriented. So theres not a lot of low end punch or high end clarity...just lots of mids.

And yes, you can keep all your current electronics.
you should go for some hotrails. it'd be a crime to saw a fender.
you could go for some duncans. iron maiden players use em
well it might me already routed. if it is, ur just swappng the pickguard. u can always put it back in.

hot rails dont sound exactly like full sized humbuckers. they sound like really hot singles.

i like the tone in my dimarzio Virtual Vintage heavy blues stacked single coil better than my hot rails.

but with the right amp u can probably get either to sound the way u want.

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thx all for the feedback hmmm so everybody kinda thinks hotrails are good...
guess u'll never know wat u really want until u install the pickups in your guitar.
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I think the American Strat is made so you can change the bridge pickup to a humbucker. Have you unscrewed the pickguard?
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nah cuz I dun wanna unstring everything. maybe the next time I restring I'll check it out.
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