ive been saving up for a new tube halfstack for quite sometime now. can someone tell me what it means by having 2 tubes and a solid state rectifier? ive been considering a marshall dsl and orange 30 watt head until i saw this. would this be much cheaper compared to that? can it go with a cab like a marshall one? is it more worth than the other 2 amps because if its much cheaper i could spend the extra money on a few pedals. and what cab shld i get for any of the amps i stated above? i dont need such a big one, about >30 watts tube power
a rectifier converts AC line current to DC for your amp circuit. These can either be silicon diode, or vacuum tube. Using the vacuum tubes will give you a little looser "spongier" sound than the silicon diode. The vacuum tubes are used mostly for the vintage tones, since vintage amps ONLY had vacuum tube rectifiers available.

I haven't tried that amp yet, so not much help there, but I know you can use the head with just about any cab you want, as long as you match the impedance up.
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