Hey UG , Ive currently been playing guitar for 2 1/2 years amd i believe im at a reasonable level for my time of playing.After a year on an ibanez RG350EX I've decided its time for a change , and im finally gonna get my dream guitar a strat.
But im not sure which one to get , im after a real rock tone thats capable of shredding.I know maiden play strats any idea what type?, so any advice on which strat to buy would be greatly appreciated.
I would look into an American HSS Strat, if you want a nice guitar with a nice tremolo. (and 22 frets )
maiden play with 2 duncan hotrails and i think that a Duncan JB Junior Humbucker at bridge.

yup. these are the pickups i'll put in the strat when i'll get one (also my dreams guitar)