The door opens,
Both motives are made clear.
It is the mutual agony
That keeps the eyeballs rolling
Abrupt and effortless;
A pair meeting another -
A window is left ajar.
Alas, a smile is born.

Somebody intervenes; the door is closed.
And oh, the longing...
The heightening pain of blindness.
But one fathoms the scene
With eyes that could shatter a pane of glass
And sees the silhouette alive through fog and filth.
The silhouette covered by a stupid another.
Alas, the smile fades.

The sullen bell is heard, the door is opened.
The outline of a figure flawless and exquisite
Amidst a crowd that travels with time
And alas, the smile is returned.

All are forgotten.
All are understood.
All are plain and blithe.
But all are guarded smiles within a stereotyped sight.

As if innocent, the door opens.
Just another plain situation
Within two different worlds -
Beyond is the shattered soul,
Behind is a seeking heart.
Someone shuts the door close.
The story is left untold.