Man, I like it your singing is very funny and good at the same time, just what i'm trying to get in my recordings.

Pros: Sounds original to me
Good intresting and funny at times vocals
No mistakes in the recording
Kick ass solo
Good recording

Cons: Guitar tone isn't the best i've heard
Eh, not much else to crit, I can't think of much lol! Well done

Overall superbly decent bit of fun. Good song!!

Check out my attempt at this kind of stuff, though this is more easy listiening.
it rox.. the guitars are awesome.. you should lose the gayish vocals you did on the first part though.. C:
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Dude that kicked ass, lyrics are hilarious. Rhythm playing tight as hell, vocals are equally sweet. The freakin out shreddy solo is perfect for the song. Great stuff.
This song was sweet, I loved it. Very different, but thats definitely a good thing.
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amazing. It's the best punkish sound i've heard in a long time. Great job. And no you're not gay if you sound that good.
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