my leads always seam to be stopping working, its like they work sometimes when i twist them round in the guitar or amp socket but only at certain angles, ive never bought especialy cheap leads but not exspensive either. does this just happen to leads and wat can i do to stop it happening ?
wrong section, and yeah it usually can happen a fair bit, might be the cable itself, or grounding with the guitar or amp
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It sounds to me like your cables are shorting. Try to avoid letting them get pulled near the plugs, and don't coil them up tightly, if possibly.
oh yer this is the wrong section sorry about that, thanks for ure help, is it possible to repair my leads or is it a waste of time only i'm pretty skint
I used to have the same problem but it's been ages since I've had one short out on me like that .. and I only buy cheap $9.99 (CAD so like 5GBP) cables.

The trick is to take care of them and don't leave them lying around on your floor etc. Put them away nice and neat when you're done playing. Treat them well and they won't short out on you. You also need to keep them clean because if the contacts become dirty that can be a problem as well.