I am about to purchase one and am struggling with the final choice. The top 3 are the:Boss GT-8, Digitech GNX3 and the Digitech GNX4, the PODxt live would be 4th.
What is your experience with any or all of these?

I have been playing off and on for about 12yrs, but have been out of the loop for the past 7yrs and trying to get back into it. I play mostly 80's rock, classic rock and blues but also get into some metal. My current gear is a cheap Ibanez electric, Washburn acoustic and a Peavey ValveKing 212 amp.

I think there are many players out there looking for good honest advice from those of you who have used these.
Theyre good live, no one knows the difference, i find them stale in the studio.

HOWEVER, they are so handy to simply hook up to a PC and let rip!

Ive had experience with all four and i like em all, prob the POD XT Live is the best all round, but also the most expensive.

Lets see what others say!