So I've finally made my first build. Took me a couple of hours after I got the parts. It's a Bazz Fuss and I've used the schematic for Version 3 (http://home-wrecker.com/bazz.html) and used the first bypass circuit from tonepad.com and put it all on veroboard.

Well, as most people find out, every first project has its pitfalls. Mine is that when I've plugged it into my amp to test it, I get a really low output. I'm guessing it's to either do with a crappy connection(s) somewhere. I've noticed that when I move around my DPDT I get the distorted fuzzy sound, and my soldering on the switch isn't very clean so I think I might do that again.

Also, when I press the bypass switch, I don't get a sound at all on the clean channel. I'm planning to check it out later today, but any advice on what to check for would be greatly appreciated.


change the transistors. you can switch between any NPN transistor to get the sound you want. make sure the switch is wired correct to. show pictures so we can see how you wired the switch and all.
alright cheers I'll see if I can get a couple more transistors today, and yeah, I'll try and dig up a crappy digicam and post some pics.
I might as well post my other questions about this same project in here, so here goes. I was just wondering, in that schematic, what would happen if I took the diode out entirely? And also is there some way of getting more sustain? Cos I'm only getting about 2 seconds of it fuzzed and everything, but then the note dies out.


Its the transistor that is making it like that. You need to change transistors. The diode may be acting as a booster for the clipping in the transistor.

1. Experement with NPN transistors
2. Experement with some diodes:

1N34A: decent, but output is too low
1N914: stock version, great fuzz
1N34A, 1N914: a bit more defined, a bit louder
(2) 1N34A, 1N914: almost a hybrid fuzz/distortion
orange LED: a hybrid distortion/overdrive
Clipping can be created by diodes or transistors. Diodes put symmetrically or asymmetrically can create either soft or hard clipping. Clipping is when the signal is cut before it reaches its peak, cause distortion, overdrive, fuzz, etc. Soft clipping (overdrive) in simple terms uses a germanium diode and a silicon diode (most of the time) and Hard clipping (distortion) mostly uses 2 silicon diodes.